EST. 2016

We Deliver.

Whether it’s creating innovative, unique marketing copy, securing high-quality leads or converting leads through effective phone verification, Native Media does it all. From start to finish. We leave absolutely no stone unturned. Having been in the online space for almost two decades, we’ve seen the times change — and we’ve evolved with them. What’s old is tiresome, and what’s new… Well, that’s what you’ll discover with Native Media LLC.

While some companies remain stagnant, and unable to stay afloat with the ever-changing tides of online marketing, Native Media presents businesses with next-level offerings. We’ve watched others fail and determined how we will succeed. And that’s our mantra.  We measure twice, cut once. (Truth be told, we’re so thorough we measure again and again until we are spot on in our efforts).

If you’ve got a b2c product, we’ve got a plan. We’ll help you connect with consumers who count. No bogus dead-end leads. No wasted campaigns that amount to nothing. No spinning your wheels and going nowhere fast. We do our due diligence to ensure your offer is in the right place at the right time. Native Media gives you results, results, and did we mention, more results?

The numbers don’t lie.

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Forget the who. It’s what we are.


Your success rests upon our shoulders. We’re constantly tailoring campaigns and offerings to achieve optimum results. Whether it’s tweaking offer copy or finding a new source for quality leads, we take responsibility for making sure your campaign is running like a well-oiled machine. If it’s broke, we’ll fix it. We pride ourselves on creating campaigns that are built to last.


Our goal is always to deliver the best results for our customers. Our success is dependent on your success. We don’t rest till the job is done. Late nights and early mornings insure we win.

Detail Oriented

Dotting every i and crossing every t.  Your marketing copy will always be on point. Your leads will always be the highest quality. And your results will always be worth the wait, which will be minimal if we’re speaking frankly here. And we always are.


Ask and you shall receive. You request results. We give them to you ten-fold. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a marketing company that provides the up-close-and-personal attention that Native Media does. We treat every client as if they are our only client.


Rain or shine. Day or night. 365 days a year. We are always reachable. Have a question about your campaign? Somebody is always on the other end of your call or email, ready to answer. We pride ourselves in lightning-fast response times. Our results are real-time and so is our response.


The numbers speak for themselves, and we listen. We don’t base our decision on “feelings”; we base them on data. We’re constantly reviewing data and retooling the process until we surpass your benchmark.

Well, Maybe a little about us

Launched in 2016, Native Media was the brainchild of our president, Tom Schollmeyer. The fruition of almost two decades of experience in the space, we recognized the need for a well-rounded, action-oriented one-stop media shop. Having spent almost 18 years overseeing some of the biggest call centers in the nation, we achieved immeasurable results at delivering phone verified leads to clients. Over time, we turned our focus on lead generation, marketing processess and all the steps that pre-empt the closing of leads. Driven to increase volume without sacrificing quality, we made it our mission to bridge the gap between campaigns and conversions. And so Native Media was born. Since our inception, Native Media has partnered with Fortune 500 companies including Vivint, Digital Media Solutions, Qatalyst Media, Battery on the Go, Ocean Properties Ltd., Indeed,, Zu, Gator Park, Gilbert’s Key Largo, LifeCell South Beach Skincare and more.

How can we help you?

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